Weight Loss

I don’t claim to have all the answers regarding weight loss!

What I do know, is that to achieve anything, your mind and feelings have to go there first. They have to accept the idea that you can have whatever it is you wantYour feelings will follow your mind. And your actions or non-actions (doing or not doing what you need to do to lose weight) will follow your feelings. But it all starts in the mind. Basically, what and how you think about anything, will determine how you feel about it, which in turn, will determine your actions.

So, what’s the first thing you think, when you think about Losing Weight?

What was the first picture, or pictures that came to mind?

Was there a voice in your head? If so, what did it say?

What do you feel, when you think about Losing Weight?

If you didn’t feel ‘good’ when answering the above questions. Just imagine if you could think about losing weight, and you felt good. Imagine thinking about it, without feeling any stress, anxiety, pressure, shame or guilt. Imagine thinking about it and it not being difficult! Was that easy or hard to think about?

In our first weight loss session

  • I’ll help you release the above negative feelings easily and effortlessly.
  • We’ll get to the root of emotional eating, habits and cravings.
  • We will remove the blockages that are holding you back.
  • Your self-esteem will improve and we’ll create a new self-image.
  • You will believe that weight loss and ‘exercise’ is easy.
  • You’ll have more Confidence, Motivation and Self-Belief.
  • We’ll create a plan of action that’s easy to achieve.

Most of my clients see me as a last resort. They have similar stories of it being hard, trying all kinds of diets, losing weight and then putting it back on again. Losing weight and then putting more on, trying pills, shakes and other products. Generally, eating food they don’t like, and being miserable in the process, most of them for many years, with all the negative emotions and feelings that are attached, like guilt, shame, depression, anxiety and stress, not mentioning all the physical problems attached.

I’ve been practicing NLP and Hypnotherapy since 2004 and Thought Field Therapy since 2009. In a typical first session (around 2 hours), we will deal with all or most of the above using only NLP and TFT with no Hypnotherapy required. I work around a general framework but one of my strengths is being able to adapt to my clients needs, so if your issue isn’t listed above, don’t worry, we’ll find a solution.

The main problem for most, if not all my clients was how they ‘thought and felt’ about the task at hand. It’s imperative to get your mind on your side. Your feelings and body will follow like slaves. Your mind is a slave, it’s giving you exactly what you are focusing on, but the problem is, we focus in the wrong way most of the time (that’s not our fault, just our programming). When we learn how our mind works, changing our feelings and actions is much easier. And I will help you do this!

I have a passion for helping people grow and become what they want to be, and I will be doing it for the rest of my life. My mission is to make you ready, ready to release the weight and keep it off for good. And like eating a wonderful meal properly, it’s done in nice, bite size pieces, and thoroughly enjoyed, making you feel good, strong and giving energy. And I’ll be with you every step of the way, supporting you in the future, in those times when and if you ‘fall off the wagon’.

Craig Thompson PNLP, TFTdx, CHyp

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“Five weeks on and I still feel great. It’s as if my mind has been unblocked.”