I can’t actually believe it works… my hangover gone in 2 minutes

Dionne Queensborough, Swiss Cottage

When Craig asked me to do a testimonial, I was only too happy. Like most people, I had many issues, but mine felt like they were the worst in the world. I’m 42 years old and felt like I couldn’t face life anymore. For over 4 years I’ve spent a lot of money and energy on many different therapies, treatments and mentoring to try and help me with my problems, problems which I knew were important to resolve if I wanted to have a fulfilled life. Nothing compares to the relatively few sessions I’ve had with Craig. They were quick and effective immediately. My life started changing from the moment I completed my first session. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m excited about life again. The experiences I had of dreading waking up in the morning have disappeared.

Craig is so friendly, professional and has such an easy going approach; the techniques he uses are incredibly simple and effective. He also encouraged and taught me how to use the techniques at home and my everyday life, which I do on a regular basis. The best thing for me in the sessions were that I didn’t need to talk endlessly about my past, which I already realised were at the root of my fears, anxiety, lack of confidence and self belief. Most of us know these but don’t have the tools to deal with them. I’ve even lost a lot of weight naturally and have so much more energy as a result of becoming clear about myself, which is a huge bonus. After seeing him I also use the cd’s 3 or 4 times a week that are available from his website. My life has changed as a result of seeing Craig and would recommend his services to anyone. I feel confident enough to be contacted through Craig if anyone would like more information from me. I feel I owe it to him.

Rose A

I dont now if it was craig that cured my migrane or just the fact that after he did what he did, which took around 3 or 4 minutes, the pain had gone and didn't return. Thank you.

Adam, Ascot

The following was an article that was published in a local magazine, written by the editor.

Last month I went to visit Craig Thompson.

Having spent the last few months suffering from anxiety and stress, I felt it was time to try and take control of things, before they completely controlled me. However, no amount of positive or logical thinking on my part had enabled me to rid myself of these conditions nor their associated symptoms and I knew it was time to seek help.

Craig Thompson is a Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT- also known as the Tapping Technique).

Craig quickly put me at ease and asked me a number of questions about what particularly made me feel anxious. As I explained each scenario or situation, Craig carried out a specific series of tapping sequences on my face and body. The entire process was extremely comfortable and took about one and a half hours in total. He told me that this simple, easy technique has an immediate and permanent effect on conditions such as anxiety, stress and phobias and that only one session would be required.

When I left Craig, I truly did feel like a new person. The knots in my stomach (which I couldn’t remember not having) had disappeared
and I felt happy and relaxed. Of course, having suffered with this condition for a number of months, whilst I was glad of the reprieve from its symptoms, I was slightly sceptical as to whether the effects would last for more than one day. Craig phoned me up a few days later to ask how I was feeling and I was delighted to tell him that I was still free of symptoms and feeling positive and happy. I was also much more motivated to deal with work and life in general.

For me, this session with Craig has been one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done!

Craig’s ethos is to help people to help themselves. By releasing the negative baggage that’s weighing them down, they can start to have a sense of freedom to continue their lives in a new, exciting and positive way. He is also a firm believer of practicing what he preaches. He regularly uses these techniques as part of his own everyday life.

Phobias and fears are extremely common, but can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. Craig has successfully treated clients presenting fears and phobias ranging from spiders and snakes to public speaking, interviews and those who have become paralysed by fear constantly worrying about the future. Craig says “the techniques I use to treat fears and phobias are so incredibly effective that I offer a money back guarantee if my client doesn’t leave here feeling significantly better after just one session.”

There are so many things that hold people back from living their lives in a happy and calm state. Craig offers treatments for
Stress / Anxiety/ Bereavement / Coping with Loss / Pain Management / Motivation / Confidence / Post traumatic stress disorder and Anger. He also specialises in helping people to successfully achieve weight loss and keep it off, and has seen many clients shed significant amount of weight within weeks of seeing him. Once again, the techniques are quick, simple and extremely effective.

There’s no better time to start living your life than right now!
Angela Fisher, Editor of ‘In and Around’ Magazine, (March 2010 issue)

Craig is located in Farnham Common and Windsor.


"I knew Craig could cure regular headaches, but eliminating my hangover, which included a sore throat was going too far... I thought. All symptoms gone in ten minutes. Thank You again."

Debbie, Epsom

Friday 18th June 2010.

Today I had an NLP session (neuro-linguistic programming) with Craig Thompson to help me get in the right head space for the race. What a fantastic session! We worked on removing any negative issues & doubts I have. So far I feel much more positive. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a big goal ahead of them. Bring on June 30th.

Gareth Batson

It needs to be noted that the following client had a lot of determination to change and she did the 'mind work' on a daily basis at home.

My name is Anne, Im 54 years old. I was sexually and mentally abused for many years by my father. My mother left when we were very young. I was abused through my teenage years by neighbours, partners and ‘friends’.

I’ve learned never to trust anyone, I had split personalities, one side was very loving and couldn’t do enough for people and the other side was very angry with people and myself. I hated myself and life and felt that everything and everyone were against me. I used my anger to get attention and saw it as the only way of dealing with my problems. Ive lost many people due to my anger.
It took so long, but finally, a good friend persuaded me to seek help from someone, I couldn’t go on. It still took me one year to pick up the phone to someone. I’d been through counselling and that didn’t help me.

In October 2010, I found Craig Thompson. WOW, I wish I had found his help before. Within a few sessions with Craig, he helped me deal with the past and my anger has almost gone. I really do feel like a changed person and am dealing with life, the results are amazing, so much so that everyone has noticed and are telling me. My past is behind me and my anger has almost gone. Im much calmer and feel I have a new and exciting life to look forward to. I’ve sent 1 of my friends to see Craig who is also quickly feeling the benefits.
Thank You so much Craig.


I went to see to see Craig feeling unsure what to expect. Was I a bit loopy to seek a Hypnotherapist to help with things that it was up to me to change? Yet I was going round in circles, unable to understand why my ‘work’ life was fantastic, but personal life turbulent. How could you manage one area of your life with competence, but feel deep down that as a person, ‘you were not on track’ or achieving the utmost happiness?

Although I had reservations, this was worth a try!

Craig met me with a firm handshake, warm smile, and relaxed manner that immediately put me at ease. Straight away I was struck by his energy and enthusiasm, yet also the ability to listen. I found myself chatting freely and those reservations melted away. This person could be trusted.

It is difficult to give a detailed explanation of the hour that followed. Although I clearly remember the moment when I realised certain emotions, anger and squashed down feelings had never been dealt with. I had spent so many years saying, “I’m fine, thanks.”

Then Craig’s work began. Without knowing what was on my mind, he verbally guided me through a process that enabled me to deal with each issue.

Over the following days I really began to understand the phrase, ‘A weight’s been lifted off my shoulders’. From feeling ‘spaced out’ to reflecting over everything that had emerged from my session with Craig. Finally, I felt great. Not the cheery faced pretend type, this was real. Five weeks on and I still feel great. It’s as if my mind has been unblocked.

Clients name not supplied

My name is Nicky Pool and I have been practising the 'healing arts' in one form or another for over 50 years. I have been in some form of therapy for at least 30 of those and, indeed, have come a long way. For a long time now I have realised that I needed to get to the unconscious root of my negative beliefs and behaviours that were preventing me being 'true to myself' - and thus from living the full spectrum of life that I knew I wanted to live in my eldering years.

Within the last three months I met Craig Thompson and, having sussed him out, decided that I could trust him to help me in my quest - or at least to give him a try! Whole new areas of powerful, swift and sustained healing techniques were experienced by me that have had a profound and positive effect on my way of being.

Once again I am filled with the optimism, passion, energy and confidence that I need to get me from point A to B - and it feels great. I am also referring many of my clients to him so that, between us, they can reach their own goals with greater ease - and more swiftly. Thank you, Craig .

“Most people tip toe through life only to make it safely to death”. Eleanor Roosevelt. (Make a different choice and 'seize the day' - Nicky)

Telephone 01753 644 541 (best time between 7.30-8.15am)

Nicky Pool

Sometimes the small problems can have a big impact on us and stop us living life to the fullest. Working through such issues with Craig has made a tremendous improvement to my life. I've minimised my comfort eating over the last year which has lead to an impressive effect on my self esteem - especially as I have lost a significant amount of weight, leaving my body in the best shape of my life.

Recently Craig has been helping me overcome my allergies. I was struggling with my day to day moods due to the fits of sneezing, runny nose, and groggy feeling brought on by the first signs of spring. After just one session, all my symptoms have reduced a great deal, and I am looking forward to the next session to eliminate this discomfort for good.

It is easy to feel at ease with Craig, and the sessions leave me feeling relaxed and refreshed. Craig has given me continued support by giving me techniques to use on my own and ideas to follow to improve my daily life. A fantastic life coach - Thank you Craig!


Hi Craig, It is a year and a day since I first visited you. I just wanted to say thank you for your help in making me change my ways. I went to see you to help me lose weight. That has been very successful having lost just under 3 stone. That wasn't the only benefit. I haven't touched or even felt like a cigarette since then. That itself is amazing. I was never a big smoker but just couldn’t seem to knock them on the head. My confidence has increased 1000% and I feel like a much calmer person.

All in all I feel like a much better person inside and I am on my way to losing the weight but with a better outlook on life. Thanks again

Robbie Lynch