Hangover Cure

Hangover Cure

Having ‘experimented’ on dozens of people and with a 90% success rate after initially helping a friend, Craig is now confident to offer this as a genuine service.

He created The Hangover Cure by chance. He was helping a friend host a BBQ. When he arrived, his friend had a full-blown hangover and wanted to cancel. Craig has been very successful in his practice at removing aches, pains and even chronic pain, a lot of the time, in minutes!  He asked his friend if he could ‘try something’ to remove the hangover. Within 5 minutes of Craig doing a little NLP and TFT, with his friend not having to do anything except focus on the pain, all the symptoms had gone! His friend immediately jumped from the chair in disbelief, went shopping and hosted a great BBQ.

As far as we can see, this is the only natural Hangover Cure that really works, and Craig, the only therapist to confidently offer this service. 

Call Now for your ‘morning after’ cure in London and he will come to your Office, Home, or Hotel.

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