Angela Fisher Testimonial

Take Control of Your Life

Angela Fisher, Editor of ‘In and Around’ Magazine, (March 2010 issue).

Last month I went to visit Craig Thompson at the Hillcroft Practice in Iver Heath.

Having spent the last few months suffering from anxiety and stress, I felt it was time to try and take control of things, before they completely controlled me. However, no amount of positive or logical thinking on my part had enabled me to rid

Myself of these conditions nor their associated symptoms and I knew it was time to seek help.

Craig Thompson is a Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT- also known as the Tapping Technique).

Craig quickly put me at ease and asked me a number of questions about what particularly made me feel anxious. As I explained each scenario or situation, Craig carried out a specific series of tapping sequences on my face and body. The entire process was extremely comfortable and took about one and a half hours in total. He told me that this simple, easy technique has an immediate and permanent effect on conditions such as anxiety, stress and phobias and that only one session would be required.

When I left Craig, I truly did feel like a new person. The knots in my stomach (which I couldn’t remember not having) had disappeared and I felt happy and relaxed. Of course, having suffered with this condition for a number of months, whilst I was glad of the reprieve from its symptoms, I was slightly sceptical as to whether the effects would last for more than one day. Craig phoned me up a few days later to ask how I was feeling and I was delighted to tell him that I was still free of symptoms and feeling positive and happy. I was also much more motivated to deal with work and life in general. For me, this session with Craig has been one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done!

Craig’s ethos is to help people to help themselves. By releasing the negative baggage that’s weighing them down, they can start to have a sense of freedom to continue their lives in a New, Exciting and Positive way. He is also a firm believer of practicing what he preaches. He regularly uses these techniques as part of his own Everyday life.

Phobias and Fears are extremely common, but can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. Craig has successfully treated clients presenting fears and phobias ranging from spiders and snakes to public speaking, interviews and those who have become paralysed by fear constantly worrying about the future. Craig says “the techniques I use to treat fears and phobias are so incredibly effective that I offer a money back guarantee if my client doesn’t leave here feeling significantly better after just one session.”

There are so many things that hold people back from living their lives in a happy and calm state. Craig offers treatments for

Stress / Anxiety/ Bereavement / Coping with Loss / Pain Management / Motivation / Confidence / Post traumatic stress disorder and Anger. He also specialises in helping people to successfully achieve weight loss and keep it off, and has seen many clients shed significant amount of weight within weeks of seeing him. Once again, the techniques are quick, simple and extremely effective.

There’s no better time to start living your life than right now!

Angela Fisher, Editor of ‘In and Around’ Magazine, (March 2010 issue).