“I help people to free themselves from negative emotions and feelings. I teach them how their own internal language patterns work, and how they communicate with themselves. When you learn how your mind works and how it affects your feelings, emotions and actions, real change can start to take place.”  

Craig Thompson PNLP, CHyp, TFTdx


Craig Thompson qualified in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming at the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners with Wilf Proudfoot between 2002-04, and Thought Field Therapy in Cambridge with Robin Ellis in 2009. It was then, he started seeing clients on a full-time basis and had successful practices at Windsor, Farnham Royal and Uxbridge. He is now based in central and north London.

When I left Craig, I truly did feel like a new person Read on…

He’s from Yorkshire and has a varied and diverse background and career, from working in Alaska, Central America and the Caribbean in the Merchant Navy to living and working in France for three years, leading up to successfully managing a £10 million a year operation in London responsible for 70 staff. Craig has lived a varied and full life, which has aided him in his practice to quickly identify and fully understand the needs of his clients with a genuine empathy and clarity. 

Craig loves stone balancing and has had two exhibitions in 2017 at galleries in North Yorkshire, you can view his balancing website at rarible.io/nature_balancing. All the pics of stone balancing on this site are of his work and that’s him in the pic at one of the Galleries.

Of course, his other passion in life is helping people. Helping them to overcome a multitude of issues, or coaching them towards goals they want to achieve. He practices an effective and realistic approach to helping, focusing on the speediest resolutions and the most effective outcomes.