Craig Thompson has been practicing NLP and Hypnotherapy since 2004 and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) since 2009. In his practice at North Finchley and Liverpool st in London, he mainly uses NLP and TFT, they are extremely effective in achieving rapid and lasting solutions to many Problems and Issues He Treats.

As well as working with clients to achieve longer term goals like Losing Weight, relieving Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Pain (emotional and physical), or helping them to become more Confident and Motivated to achieve their goals, he also offers a           

One Session money back Guarantee for issues including:

  • Overcoming nerves, fear, anxiety or worry for any specific future event, including speeches, presentations, interviews, exams or even starting something new.
  • Releasing the emotional trauma of flashbacks and feelings associated with any difficult or traumatic past event that’s still fixed in the memory that could be stopping you from moving forward.
  • Physical pain management, including Period Pain, head ache, acute or chronic pain and even hangovers! 
  • Relieving Guilt, Shame and much more.

He has the ability to get to the core of issues very quickly and can easily and effectively ‘pull the root’!  Letting go of deep down negative thoughts, memories, emotions and feelings can be a huge release, and he often hears words like, ‘a weight has been lifted’.



Hi Craig, It is a year and a day since I first visited you. I just wanted to say thank you for your help in making me change my ways. I went to see you to help me lose weight. That has been very successful having lost just under 3 stone. That wasn’t the only benefit. I haven’t touched or even felt like a cigarette since then. That itself is amazing. I was never a big smoker but just couldn’t seem to knock them on the head. My confidence has increased 1000% and I feel like a much calmer person.

All in all I feel like a much better person inside and I am on my way to losing the weight but with a better outlook on life. Thanks again. Robbie Lynch