Sometimes the small problems can have a big impact on us and stop us living life to the fullest. Working through such issues with Craig has made a tremendous improvement to my life. I’ve minimised my comfort eating over the last year which has lead to an impressive effect on my self esteem – especially as I have lost a significant amount of weight, leaving my body in the best shape of my life.

Recently Craig has been helping me overcome my allergies. I was struggling with my day to day moods due to the fits of sneezing, runny nose, and groggy feeling brought on by the first signs of spring. After just one session, all my symptoms have reduced a great deal, and I am looking forward to the next session to eliminate this discomfort for good.

It is easy to feel at ease with Craig, and the sessions leave me feeling relaxed and refreshed. Craig has given me continued support by giving me techniques to use on my own and ideas to follow to improve my daily life. A fantastic life coach – Thank you Craig!