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I went to see to see Craig feeling unsure what to expect. Was I a bit loopy to seek a Hypnotherapist to help with things that it was up to me to change? Yet I was going round in circles, unable to understand why my ‘work’ life was fantastic, but personal life turbulent. How could you manage one area of your life with competence, but feel deep down that as a person, ‘you were not on track’ or achieving the utmost happiness?

Although I had reservations, this was worth a try!

Craig met me with a firm handshake, warm smile, and relaxed manner that immediately put me at ease. Straight away I was struck by his energy and enthusiasm, yet also the ability to listen. I found myself chatting freely and those reservations melted away. This person could be trusted.

It is difficult to give a detailed explanation of the hour that followed. Although I clearly remember the moment when I realised certain emotions, anger and squashed down feelings had never been dealt with. I had spent so many years saying, “I’m fine, thanks.”

Then Craig’s work began. Without knowing what was on my mind, he verbally guided me through a process that enabled me to deal with each issue.

Over the following days I really began to understand the phrase, ‘A weight’s been lifted off my shoulders’. From feeling ‘spaced out’ to reflecting over everything that had emerged from my session with Craig. Finally, I felt great. Not the cheery faced pretend type, this was real. Five weeks on and I still feel great. It’s as if my mind has been unblocked.