It needs to be noted that the following client had a lot of determination to change and she did the ‘mind work’ on a daily basis at home.

My name is Anne, Im 54 years old. I was sexually and mentally abused for many years by my father. My mother left when we were very young. I was abused through my teenage years by neighbours, partners and ‘friends’.

I’ve learned never to trust anyone, I had split personalities, one side was very loving and couldn’t do enough for people and the other side was very angry with people and myself. I hated myself and life and felt that everything and everyone were against me. I used my anger to get attention and saw it as the only way of dealing with my problems. Ive lost many people due to my anger.
It took so long, but finally, a good friend persuaded me to seek help from someone, I couldn’t go on. It still took me one year to pick up the phone to someone. I’d been through counselling and that didn’t help me.

In October 2010, I found Craig Thompson. WOW, I wish I had found his help before. Within a few sessions with Craig, he helped me deal with the past and my anger has almost gone. I really do feel like a changed person and am dealing with life, the results are amazing, so much so that everyone has noticed and are telling me. My past is behind me and my anger has almost gone. Im much calmer and feel I have a new and exciting life to look forward to. I’ve sent 1 of my friends to see Craig who is also quickly feeling the benefits.
Thank You so much Craig.