The Hangover Cure

A Completely Unique Solution To The Age Old Problem.

hangover film 1Craig is available for individual and group appointments.

He caters for morning after Conferences, Banquets, Weddings, Hen and Stag parties or any event where an effective and rapid Hangover Cure is required.

He is available to travel in the UK and abroad.

hangover4How it started…

Craig created The Hangover Cure by chance.

He was helping a friend host a BBQ. When he arrived, his friend had a full blown hangover from the previous evening and wanted to cancel.

Craig is a qualified Thought Field Therapist, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and has been very successful in his practice at rapidly removing aches, pains and even chronic pain.

He asked his friend if he could ‘try something’ to remove the hangover. After 5 minutes of him ‘doing his stuff’ and his friend not having to do anything except focus on the pain, (which he was already doing) all of the symptoms had gone! His friend immediately jumped from the chair in disbelief, went shopping and hosted a great BBQ with no recurring symptoms.

hangover 1Since then, Craig experimented with many dozens of people. He has a 100% record of reducing the main symptoms of hangovers in minutes, using only the natural methods listed above.

In researching the hangover cure, we believe that Craig is the only professional therapist anywhere in the world to offer this service.

“I was very sceptical about Craig’s claims (I’m a nurse). He was at my friend’s wedding, at the hotel treating guests on the morning after. Within 5 minutes, all of my hangover symptoms were gone and I was actually feeling very good. Absolutely unbelievable, recommend it to anyone”.

Jane, Burnham.

“I can’t actually believe it works… my hangover gone in 2 mins”

Dionne Queensborough, Swiss Cottage.

“I knew Craig could cure regular headaches, but eliminating my hangover, which included a sore throat was going too far… I thought. All symptoms gone in ten minutes. Thank You again.”

Debbie, Epsom.

“It’s one of those thing’s that has to be seen to be believed”.

Please drink sensibly and avoid hangovers…

Avoid hangovers, tip…   Avoid hangovers, tip…   Hangover symptoms 

It goes without saying that the only way to avoid a hangover is to avoid alcohol.

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